I found this question inspired by the Keynote of Ricardo Zamora.

The intention of the session was to explore ideas and questions around creating
space for distributed leadership in projects. 

As one idea of making space for distributed leadership, I introduced
the SUPERHERO RACI from our Book Project Design

Consider the Superpowers in your project and use them wisely!

... and try the technique called SUPERHERO RACI. 

It is all about applying the popular management tool RACI for Key-Deliverables (milestones)
of a project. Not new, not fancy. The magic comes into place, if you break patterns
(as you do with open space principles) before to make space for a new quality of agreement:

1) invite everyone in the project team, including yourself, the project manager...
(even including customers & stakeholders if appropriate) to see management and leadership
(as well as scouting and building) as SUPERPOWERS, not POSITIONS in a projects
(see page 110 / left page in the following picture)

2) Have a conversation to explore the superpowers of all people involved
(and create a list - see page 111 / right page in the following picture) 

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Followed by an interesting exchange of questions and ideas, like...

these are a few I remember, please add more!

 # In a team, where distributed leadership already exists... is everyone allowed to make critical decisions?
(we exchanged a few thoughts on principles that might support, i.e. having principles in place like
peer-consult (you need to consult at least one other person, before you take the decision) or
Inform others about your decisions)

 # What would be a good time for having a conversation about the SUPERPOWERS in your project?
( as early as possible ...it improves the quality of agreeing responsibilities (e.g. by creating a
RACI Matrix for your key deliverables), and it is powerful for team building also)

 # ...

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