• Presenter: Ricardo Zamora
  • Cynefin means:
    • Literally: habitat or place
    • It carries with it a sense of rootedness—temporal, physical, cultural or spiritual
    • “The place where the knowledge is” – Ricardo’s explanation
  • Sense making framework: enable managers to identify how they perceive situations, and to make sense of their own and other people's behavior.
  • We can divide everything around us:
    • Disorder
    • Unordered: complex, chaos
    • Ordered: complicated, simple

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  • The model offers five decision-making contexts or "domains": simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, and disorder
  • Simple:
    • C->E: Cause and effect
    • Easy to understand: everything happens the same way over and over again
    • We have a global optimum
    • E.g.: walking the stairs
  • Complicated:
    • C----->E: Still cause and effect, however you need to put effort in understanding it: analysis
    • Expert mindset: To understand the relation between the cause an effect you need an expert
    • We have a local optimum
    • E.g.: broken computer
  • Complex:
    • (C,E): there’s no idea what’s the relationship between cause and effect
    • You can only explain things going backward, but not going forward, because there are a lot of options
    • It’s all about the network: the connections are not linear, so a small activity on one part of the network can have a big impact somewhere else
    • Stories help us seeing the patterns
    • E.g.: social movements
  • Chaos
    • C!=E: There’s no perceivable relationship between cause and effect
    • The things you need to do is take action: when we are here we need to move quickly to any other domain – quick decisions
    • Innovation can come from this + high sense of urgency -> Define the boundaries so people know how to move
  • Disorder:
    • In the middle there’s disorder
  • Chaos->Complex->Complicated->Simple: standardization
  • Complex->Complicated: systematization – but here you can lose people



Herer a picture of four domains:

Source: http://www.bernhardschloss.de/blog/vielfalt-statt-beliebigkeit/

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