Inhalt : BIM - Building Information Modeling

What is BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, is a database which has not only three-dimensional digital models of the building

but also attributes such as costs, finishing, management information and so on.

All stakeholder (designers, builders, owners) can communicate with 3Dmodels, because BIM must be a centralized information

of Architectural design in all steps between planning and construction and maintenance.

In other words, since the data to be used in every step of the project is centralized, there is no inconsistency in each step of the project.

Eventually it can be expected compression of schedules, improvement of business processes and competitiveness.

In addition, prior to construction of the actual building, it is possible to simulate environmental performance and to make a good construction planning cost-effective in ecology.

By using BIM we can front load many processes, decisions and schedule planning.


The table below shows some information about BIM in every stage of a project.


Examples of changes and which informations the participants recieve


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